Facial Muscles Toning and Rejuvanessence

The shape and condition of our faces are determined by the bone structure and facial muscles. Facial muscles are like a fine latticework under the skin; and it is they that underpin the whole face, sustain the skin and serve as a foundation for the facial appearance. Facial muscles are skeletal voluntary muscles, which control our facial expressions. They are surrounded and held in place by connective tissue.

new face musclesThe unique quality of facial muscles is that most of them are integumentary (integumentary system is an anatomical name for the skin), which means that they originate from a bone and insert not into another bony structure but directly into the skin, or into each other. Therefore, if the facial muscles give way to gravity and sag, they are unable to provide adequate support to the skin that is attached to them, so the skin sags as well! Therefore, ageing is first and foremost muscular problem, not a skin problem. No cream in the world, however expensive, can prevent and reverse facial sagging and improve muscle tone.

As age, stress, dehydration, pollution, lack of exercise and bad dietary habits take its toll, the muscles of the face weaken and loose their tone. They waste, thin and drag the skin down with them. This results in lines, wrinkles, bags and pouches. Negative emotions and stress create a lot of tension in the facial muscles; and tension in the muscles and connective tissue can inhibit blood circulation and lymph drainage and obstruct energy flow along the meridians.

Rejuvanessence┬« Angel’s touch fingertip massage will free and smooth out the connective tissue and help it regain elasticity and release tension and blocked energy within facial muscles.

Rejuvanessence® is a holistic treatment and together with nutrition and lifestyle advice, you will be offered facial exercises programme. Facial exercises will help you to tone and revitalise your face, and target any problem areas you might have. These exercises will strengthen and plump the muscles, increase blood, nutrients and oxygen flow, and encourage better removal of waste products. Improved metabolism will help production of collagen and elastine, and you will be literally lifting and plumping your face from within!